Blockchain solutions company


MinexSystems is a full-service development company specializing in blockchain products. We offer solutions which include the best of both worlds – conventional financial system and blockchain space. Our aim is to break barriers between digital and analog spheres.



MinexSystems team has vast experience in blockchain technology development. Our extensive talent pool can help you or your business to manage all your technology needs, as well as build secure and efficient enterprise solutions.

We offer full stack of outsourcing services including blockchain apps development, creation of individual products for different needs, management of private chains, etc. Learn more about ways how blockchain can improve your business.


Coin development

Create your crypto on the own blockchain. Our team uses a variety of algorithms – PoW, PoS, hybrid (GPU algo, asic resistance, etc.)


Tokens creation

Tokens are special kind of crypto that represent any fungible and tradable asset or a utility. MinexSystems provides reliable solution for your token development.



The Explorer is a web-based tool that allows your clients to monitor all processes taking place in the blockchain


Web wallets

Use the cutting-edge technologies to unlock the potential of digital money and get access to cryptocurrency payments.


Mobile wallets on Android/iOS

A quick and convenient solution for using crypto without the need to install additional hardware on your computer or download the whole coin’s blockchain.


Mining pools

Do you have a powerful mining farm? We’ll help to create your mining-pool for it. All you need is choose a coin for mining.


Platforms for bounty campaigns

A universal tool to quickly attract a new audience to your project.



Think about the token sale? Use the full-scale solution for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on your chosen platform.


Private blockchain

You can get your private blockchain which provides greater security and privacy. Participation in such network is allowed to only members.


Decentralized solutionsfor the commercial and public sectors

Blockchain is not just about cryptocurrencies. Decentralized registers are already used globally. This technology ensures efficient operation of functional departmental, reduces the cost for the staff, and prevents misfiling.


Smart contracts

Technical design and implementation of smart contracts solutions based on Ethereum, Neo, Waves, and other protocols.


Technical support

Our Support is always on. With our team’s experience, your project’s infrastructure is in safe hands. From launching an ICO to developing your blockchain, we’ll bring our expertise to any business.


Technical advising

Knowledge and team resources are the critical components for your success at blockchain market. MinexSystems can provide your business expert guidance and coach your developing process.


AR applications development

Development of solutions based on Augmented reality technology.


VR applications development

VR has already proven itself as a powerful business tool. We create solutions which immerse your customers into the world of your product.



SegWit implementation

Implementation of the Segwit protocol will allow us to go to the next rung of the blockchain evolution. New rules for the block building and the adoption of consensus make possible to expand the capabilities of smart contracts and increase the number of transactions in the block without increasing the size of the block itself. This will favorably affect the patency of transactions and the scalability of the product without lowering the current high level of network security in general.


Minex Exchange is a decentralized online exchange enabling users to freely exchange share tokens, currencies and other digital assets created on MinexPlatform. It’ll be a link between traditional financial markets and Minex’ ecosystem.

Minex Web wallet

This is a plain and simple product. It allows you to store your crypto assets online without installing a desktop version and as secure as in the traditional wallets


MinexPlatform allows you to create digital assets and place them on the primary market. With this product, we want to help online businesses and startups attract a broad spectrum of investors without major expenses and involvement of third parties.


Lightning Network

Design and implementation of our own Lightning Network system will solve some current problems. They are routing and stability in a dynamically changing topology, replenishment, and depletion of channels, availability of sufficient means for separation and uneven distribution of various deposited addresses, verified security and reliability of transactional system design approaches. Lightning network opens development a whole range of applications and new wallets for offline transactions, stream payment and the implementation of a decentralized exchange on their basis.


Innovative business model of the decentralized insurance service for everyone. Implementation of the blockchain technology in such conservative sphere will help to reduce costs, enhance client service, and increase the transparency of the insurance’s products to the final customer .


It is a platform for selling and buying any goods and services for MNX. The Minex market makes any trading operations with MNX easy and maintains the coin’s high liquidity. All transactions here will be protected with escrow solutions to guarantee safety for both the seller and the buyer.


This block is reserved for the solution which will change the world. Maybe it will be even your own idea. If you have a Big one you want to discuss with us, do not hesitate, write on